3. Kate Esperança - My Partner is Depressed


Eae, Beleza?

Will Barros and his friend Kate Esperança, from New Zealand, talks about how was her relationship with a partner in depression when she was 22/23 years old in Wellington-NZ. How it affected her in different ways and what she learned from it.

This episode isn’t how you should or should not deal with this kind of relationship, it’s just her experience and her comments about it, I was in the same situation some time ago, so I make some comments about it as well.

If you feel you’re in depression, please, find a professional help, this episode only shows 2 people talking about their own experiences :)

Have you had the same experience? Or a similar story? Email us: relationshipwisepodcast@gmail.com - Opinions and suggestions are very welcome and I will read them on the next episode. Or comment in the post at www.relationshipwisepodcast.com

Songs on this episode:

- BoxCat Games - Love Of My Life
- Oh Yeah the Future - Lovedreams
- Steve Combs - News Breaks And Shortly After So Do I The Pop Song
- Steve Combs - New Rock Extended Background Mix
- Marrach Bad Poet Chtin Mara - As Lovers Do
- The Freak Fandango Orchestra -The Hug

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