2. Mikki De Jager - Religion And Relationship


Eae, Beleza?

Will and his friend Mikki, from Netherlands, talks about a long term relationship she had on her early 20's. How religious she was on that time, but it has completed changed her way to face a relationship nowadays. Still respects it, obviously, but things are different now. 

We talk about meditation, Tinder, how much we learn from each fail and more as well.

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Songs on this episode:

- BoxCat Games - Love Of My Life
- Oh Yeah the Future - Lovedreams
- Steve Combs - News Breaks And Shortly After So Do I The Pop Song
- Steve Combs - New Rock Extended Background Mix
- Marrach Bad Poet Chtin Mara - As Lovers Do
- The Freak Fandango Orchestra -The Hug

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