2. Mikki De Jager - How religion was a big part of her relationship

Eae, Beleza?
Will and his friend Mikki, from Netherlands, talks about a long term relationship she had on her early 20's. How religious she was on that time, but it has completed changed her way to face a relationship nowadays. Still respects it, obviously, but things are different now. 

We talk about meditation, Tinder, how much we learn from each fail and more as well.

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Songs on this episode:

- BoxCat Games - Love Of My Life
- Oh Yeah the Future - Lovedreams
- Steve Combs - News Breaks And Shortly After So Do I The Pop Song
- Steve Combs - New Rock Extended Background Mix
- Marrach Bad Poet Chtin Mara - As Lovers Do
- The Freak Fandango Orchestra -The Hug

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01. Tim Lawrence - Moving Country After a Break Up

Will receives Tim to hear about his love life since he was at the university and found the woman of his life for almost 3 years until the break up.

He moved from England to Australia and took a very long time to forget it. How is he doing now, more than 15 years later? How did he deal with the break up at the time and how does he deal with it nowadays?

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Music used on this episode:

BoxCat Games - Love Of My Life
Oh Yeah the Future - Lovedreams

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